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SYNTHESYS3 - Synthesys of systemativ ressources
Digitalisierung, Erschließung, Wissenschaftliche Infrastruktur

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SYNTHESYS is an EC-funded project creating an integrated European infrastructure for natural history collections.

This four year project which began in September 2013 comprises 20 European natural history museums, Universities and botanic gardens, & research organisations. It aims to create an integrated European infrastructure for researchers in the natural sciences. SYNTHESYS is split into three activities: Access, Networking and Joint Research Activities

SYNTHESYS aims to produce an accessible, integrated European resource for research users in the natural sciences. SYNTHESYS will create a shared, high quality approach to the management, preservation, and access to leading European natural history collections.

A core element in SYNTHESYS is to provide funded researcher visits (Access) to the 390,000,000 specimens housed by SYNTHESYS institutions. In particular, the 4,049,800 type specimens.

Alongside the Access, a Joint Research Activity (JRA) aims to improve the quality of and increase access to digital collections and data within natural history institutions by developing virtual collections.

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