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The Teaching of Philosophy: On Hannah Arendt's Socrates Heinrich Blücher

Art der Aktivität
Art der AktivitätForschungsprojekt
2018 - 2019

Have you ever thought about what it means to just teach philosophy instead of writing it down? Have you ever realized what it could mean to train thinking by listening and by entering into dialogue? The pursuit of such a philosophical practice is difficult, because it is hardly handed down. If it has happened, then only in written and appropriate structured form.

In the case of Heinrich Blücher, husband of the famous thinker Hannah Arendt, everything is different. According to several eyewitnesses, he was above all her intellectual companion. Blücher himself taught philosophy in the USA. But he never put his thoughts to paper. His work was limited to oral practice. Hundreds of minutes of his lectures have been recorded on tape by his students. They are kept in the Stevenson Library at Bard College.

That collection enables to ask what it means and what character it has to practice philosophy as a speaking and dialogic discipline. Additionally, it allows to understand how thoughts become scriptural, if there is one who is more inclined to writing as Hannah Arendt it was.

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